Dr. Levy Barnes will fight for:

Keeping the United States of America United- There has been so much division within our country. Our country was founded on the basis of freedom. All of our states have united under the principles of our Constitution and despite every state’s uniqueness, I will try my best to be sure that the mandates that are placed on states are not burdensome, but at the same time be sure that states comply with provisions that have been made for its citizens. Every state and city within the states has its own unique sub-cultures which are all unique. I will respect everyone in their beliefs and uphold our Constitutional rights as Americans.

Healthcare for everyone who is underprivileged- Healthcare is important for life. Our medical providers keep America healthy. Every American deserves to have access to these providers so that their quality of life can be preserved. In the past, denial to access these providers have caused unnecessary deaths for Americans who could not afford their services. In recent years provisions have been made through our federal government to ensure that every American can receive healthcare, no one can be denied medical treatment, and no one can be denied medical coverage based off of a preexisting condition. Our system that is in place does has flaws that need to be remedied. I will work to ensure that these flaws are remedied but still keep the lives of American citizens at top priority.

Education is Top Priority for Every American- Our country is great. We have spearheaded many technological advances due to the intelligence of our citizens. Continuing our path of brilliancy, as a country, is important. We cannot do that if our citizens are not equipped with a strong education. Every American deserves the best education despite their economic status, race, gender, or environment. There is so much division within the school system. Our citizens are denied of a great education despite there being a better equipped school just a few miles away from where they live. Our schools are not able to offer equal educational opportunities to everyone in our country. Our systems need to be improved so that everyone has the opportunity to receive the best education possible, so that they can contribute to the intellectualism and brilliancy that this country is known for.

Preserving the American Dream for All- The United States of America is the greatest country in the world. We are the smartest, fastest, strongest, and best in many areas. There are some people who wish to see us fall. Yet, there are more people from other countries around the world that fantasize of coming to America, to make their dreams come true, and contribute to what we stand for and believe. I will seek to allow others who desire to live our follow the due process in place and afterwards welcome them to continue prove that America is worth dreaming for.

Our great country was founded on immigrants coming to America from all over the world seeking freedom and the pursuit of happiness, despite their differences. I will fight so that our country stays safe, but those who want to contribute to the American dream are more than welcomed after going through our processes of citizenship. 

Incentives for Business Growth- There are multiple cities within the United States of America with a lack of opportunity for its residents. There are cities with a possibility for growth but with no provision to allow it to grow. I will fight to give incentives for industries and new business owners. The more successful businesses there are in our country, the more our country will continue to rise. If there are incentives given for businesses to continue manufacturing in our country, I believe that those routes should be taken. If there is a reason for one of our citizens to be bold enough and take a risk, to open up a company, our country should give that reason. I understand the fear that is present when opening up a business, the fears of a business wanting to venture out and expand, taking risks without knowing the outcome, and getting the best offer. I want our country to always be the one making that offer.

Equal Rights for All Americans- The Civil Rights Movement era has ended, yet we find our country with individuals who don’t believe every man and woman was created equally. There has been a stir of hate groups. Not only are African Americans suffering these problems, but Asian Americans, Arab- Americans, and Latin-Americans experience the same thing. The injustices take place in schools, workplaces, public settings, religious settings, and even judicial settings. I will fight to ensure that every American, regardless to what prefix is in front of their name, is treated as an American.

Keeping Our Territory Protected- Our Country is the strongest and safest country in the world. Yet, we have enemies that want penetrate our borders and cause our demise. I will ensure that there are laws in place to keep our territory safe. I will ensure that the right measures are in place to protect our citizens and our land.

Preservation of Life- I believe that all life is precious. Whether it is one of our senior citizens or an unborn child, I believe that their lives are worth preserving. I will ensure that every life is valued

Veterans who are disadvantaged in life should not be forgotten- They risked their lives to ensure that the values that our country stands for were upheld. I will be sure that those who served and sacrificed for our country are provided for.

A Cleaner Environment- Our nation is led by industries that make pollution. These industries keep our economy strong. While we are relying on their strong economies, America must ensure that our ecosystems are not being destroyed. In addition to that these toxins must be discarded properly. While our industries continue to grow and thrive I believe that it is important that our environment stays clean. In addition to that our citizens must stay safe from the side effects that these toxins cause. I will fight for the preservation of our environment so that our future generations can enjoy the same quality of life that we have.