Who is Dr. Levy Q. Barnes Jr.

        Dr. Levy Barnes, Jr. has been changing the world with his scientific discoveries, his businesses,  abilities to educate and empower minds, and his ministry . Originally from New Orleans, LA, Dr. Levy Q. Barnes Jr. is long time resident in Port Arthur, Texas who desires to see an improvement in the 14th district and most of all his country.

        Dr. Barnes is an educator who taught Biology and Chemistry for six years, CEO of Q. Productions LLC, Inventor, book author, humanitarian, host of the TV show Your Miracle on the CW, an amazing vocalist and recording artist, the Dean of Bethel Temple Bible College, the creator of a phenomenal product that grows hair back for people with hair loss (Q. Hair Regrowth Spray), an ordained bishop who has been preaching since the age of 11 years old, a believer in Christ Jesus and a devoted husband and father of two. With all of these things combined, he is greatly improving the lives of many.

        Dr. Levy Q. Barnes, Jr. graduated from St. Augustine High School, Tennessee State University where he obtained his B.S. in Biology and California University of Theology where he obtained his Masters and Doctorate in Philosophy in Counseling.

        Dr. Levy Q. Barnes, Jr has used his ability to teach, his companies, educational background, scientific discoveries, his tenacity, passion, voice, and musical experience to do many things. After discovering his solution for hair loss, called Q. Hair Regrowth Spray, he began to promote it himself and it is now being sold in hundreds of retail locations around the country. He understands what is like building a business from nothing. He is the CEO of a manufacturing and production company called Q. Productions LLC. Under that company he produces hair products, hosts city-wide events, and shelters the GTQ Car Shows. He has gathered businesses and events to dilapidated areas, to give hope to cites in the United States that have been left in ruins, that there is hope for them to rise again. He has held peace rallies and has stood with leaders to ensure that our country upholds equality for all races, ages, and genders.


        As a humanitarian, Dr. Levy Barnes reaches out to assist single mothers, senior citizens who've been left behind by family, disadvantaged orphans, widows, and the poor. He has held peace concerts to ration with communities to end violence. He has also assisted with creating organizations to teach young men without fathers essential things when becoming a gentleman (G-Men's Club). He visits homeless shelters and food pantries to serve his fellow Americans who have been down from the pressures of life. He also yields his service to many non-profits. He cares for his environment and has assisted environmental groups with educating others on our ecosystem. In 2009 New Orleans City Council gave him an award for standing for peace. He wants to be that hand to assist all life. Every year he hosts Christmas with Dr. Levy where he gives toys to disadvantaged children. He cares for his community.

        When Dr. Barnes was a Biology and Chemistry teacher for middle and high school students, he was known for ensuring that the students in the Biology department were prepared to excel on standardized testing. He currently goes to trade schools and is a public speaker for colleges. He educates students on preparing for their careers and he also teaches on hair loss. He also is the named Dean of Bethel Bible College. His passion for education crosses all barriers.

        As a producer, he produced his own album with the help of amazing musicians. He understands the need for fine arts. He has sung and produced concerts at many great venues including: the New Orleans Superdome, St. Louis Cathedral, and The Grand Ole Opry Gibson Showcase.

       While operating as the CEO of Q Products and Productions he is also releasing his new single "Good to Me" and promoting his book entitled "Your Miracle. He travels preaching and singing the Gospel on weekends and he will be coming to a city near you.