Dr. Levy Q. Barnes, Jr is a man who is devoted to God's creation. He has touched many lives in his lifetime and has  experienced many fields of work.

  • CEO of Q. Products and Productions Company
  • Educator: Vice President of Bethel Bible College and former High School Biology and Chemistry teacher
  • Inventor of Q. Hair Regrowth Spray
  • Humanitarian
  • Advocate and Activist for: Equal rights, Education, & Peace
  • Preacher: Founder of Jesus Christ Ministries and Bishop
  • Television Show Host of Your Miracle
  • Recording Artist
  • Author of Your Miracle and U&M The Gifts of Prophecy
  • Devoted Husband and Father of Two Sons

​Economic Developement and Better Paying Jobs

We have citizens who work jobs to only have enough money to merely survive to go to work. Dr. Barnes will fight for better wages and business incentives for new companies.


​Our country's defenders deserve to be defended. My father and both of my grandfathers are veterans and I appreciate the sacrifices they have made for our country along with other brave soldiers like them.

Dr. Levy Q. Barnes, Jr.


​There are many of America's minorities whose rights are infringed upon. Our country stands for LIBERTY & JUSTICE FOR ALL. Racism is a reality that I believe we must combat across all nationalities. I began to experience it at a young age and I don't want to see my children experience the hatred that follows racism.


America is the smartest country and we must remain that way. Our public schools need intervention, our educators deserve to be invested into, and we must find a way to stop America's drop out rate. As an educator that focused on students with academic issues, I will fight to correct our school systems.


With so much division in this country, we need to reunite.

​Our Seniors

Our seniors paved the path we walked on today. If we don't care for our seniors we don't appreciate where we came from.

Allowing all citizens to rise together

Dr. Levy Barnes will fight to allow our country to rise. With his experience working with hundreds of businesses he will fight for the stimulation of growth to see our economy grow and citizens get paid what they are worth. With his experience in education, he will ensure America stays the smartest. As a preacher and humanitarian, he will defend the poor and the helpless to entitle protection to all of God's creations. This country will rise. With Dr. Levy Barnes, Jr as one of America's representatives, we shall rise together!

​Community Intervention

With so many issues like drugs, crime, natural catastrophes, and poverty, the answer to them is not mass incarceration and abandonment, but it is mass intervention. We will not leave our communities behind. As a humanitarian Dr. Barnes has spent his life dedicated to giving his service and time to communities.


There are some issues that need to be fixed with our immigration system. Even though we must protect our territory and borders, our neighboring countries are not our enemies. Our country was started by immigrants. We can make sure that as our country continues to grow,we welcome others who want to contribute to the American Dream. Dr. Barnes will fight for our country, yet make sure that people who desire to contribute to it have that opportunity.


Our country is known for the ability to make dreams come true. We must ensure that all of our citizens have opportunities to rise up to reach their dreams.